Rescue Animals: My Family’s Amazing Experience 

My family has been adopting pets for as long as I can remember. Throughout my childhood, I was taught that with a little patience, you can find the perfect companion and save a life. All of the pets we have now (Twilight, Simon, Gidget, and Misty) are rescues. I’d like to introduce them to you.

We adopted Twilight when I was around five. We were bringing our dog, Molly, another rescue, to the vet, and the doctor explained to us that she had kittens that needed to be adopted. They’d tragically lost their mother shortly before, and they needed a nurturing home. Let’s just say we took Twilight home that day. She’s been such a loyal companion ever since. She loves to sit on our laps at night, but during the day she’s adventuring outside. One fun fact about her: she looks both ways before crossing the street. Smart cookie.




We met Simon, our eight-year-old American Foxhound, in 2013. He was very nervous and had a tendency to lash out at people who came into our house suddenly. We found out from an appointment with a renowned dog trainer that he wasn’t aggressive, just a nervous guy. Taking a look at his history, it appeared that our sweet buddy had been abused quite a lot in past homes. He does better today, but when we have larger gatherings, he enjoys staying outside or in his crate. He LOVES his crate; it’s his little paradise, and it keeps him calm. We were Simon’s last shot. I can’t imagine life without our buddy, and the reality is that there are so many animals in shelters who are at their last chance at life. It doesn’t have to be that way; with a little love, they, too can be someone’s buddy.





We just adopted Gidget last year. She is our little firecracker. She was a stray who found her way to our local Humane Society. She is so energetic and can get anyone to smile. We think she is a one-year-old mini short hair Australian Shepherd. A mouthful, but well, that’s what she is! Her left ear flips down on the end, and she has a little heart birthmark on her nose. She is a great companion for our buddy, Simon, and he’s great for her, too. She keeps him energetic, and he gives her a good example to follow. They are quite the pair, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Gidget is also very sensitive to her brother’s nerves, and she helps him gauge how nervous he should really be based on how she reacts to situations. They are two peas in a pod, even though they look absolutely nothing alike. Super cute!




Misty is our latest addition to the family. We adopted her from the same Humane Society as Gidget. She’s still figuring out the house, and adjusting to her new sister, Twilight, but she’s doing well. Misty is a very lovey cat; she loves coming up to people and being scratched behind the ears. She will often rub up against our legs, too. Oh, and she is VERY talkative. She has a lot she needs to say, I guess!


My overall point with this post is that all of these pets of ours that I’ve described are rescues. We may not know our pets’ full histories, but we know where they are now, and we know that they are as much a part of the family as any person. Perhaps they are viewed by some to be not as good as a pet from a breeder because they’re less expensive or have a little baggage, but that isn’t true at all. An animals’ value is not measurable, because their value comes from love. They love you unconditionally, and that is much more important than the price tag they come with.

Rescue animals might need extra attention in certain areas sometimes, like Simon, or they may not, like Gidget. They may be shy, like Twilight, or they may not be, like Misty. There is a rescue animal for everyone and every family out there, it just takes a little extra effort to find the right fit. Something I never forget is that if we hadn’t found Simon, if he hadn’t found his right fit on the next shot, he probably wouldn’t be alive right now. So, if you’re looking for a pet, the best place to look could be your local pound or shelter. You might find that the animal rescues you just as much as you rescued them!

(P.S. We made the dogs their very own berry pancakes the other day… They waited patiently and approved!)




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