Don’t Rush It | Feel the Now

I’ve been guilty of saying it. And, you know, I’ve said it quite often as of late. It’s that fickle statement that has a way of getting under our skin, and yet stays there there with no objection from us whatsoever.

“I wish we could just fast forward a few years when…” 

Yup. That’s quite the statement, isn’t it? It says everything and nothing at the same time. It has no benefit to it. Why? Because in essence, when I say that, I’m wishing my life away, and despite what the daily stresses and annoyances of life would have to say, life itself is a gift.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s great, in fact integral, to have goals. We need them for the day-to-day, to get past those cunning little stresses and annoyances. It’s also fantastic to be able to look ahead and say,

“In the next few years, I would like to…” 

That statement there, right above, is fine and dandy. It really is, and it keeps us going. But wanting to “fast forward”, or “skip ahead” isn’t a part of the plan, nor should it be. As well as being a gift, it’s also a process. A nice, long, complicated process. So let’s feel what we’re meant to feel now, knowing it won’t last forever, and that there’s progress in each emotion. Life goes on, and it will eventually get to a few years from now. But let’s not wallow away thinking about moments to come, and let’s not rush it. Feel the now.

Muddy big and little paw prints on the basement floor

On that same thread, it can be very tricky to have those goals in mind and then see someone achieving that same goal now in their life. You want to feel happy for them, and you only want to put good energy out there, but it’s frustrating. This type of situation can easily lead to:

“I wish we could just fast forward a few years when…”

Because you want to achieve your goals. And suddenly the process doesn’t seem very appealing. But just take a deep breath. Lately, I’ve been feeling these sorts of feelings a lot. These feelings of coveting, even though you want with all your heart not to feel that way. Yeah, I needed to give myself a reality check, because any feeling that goes against a commandment isn’t going to bring any happiness whatsoever. So, I gave myself a pep talk refresher.

I looked at everything I have. I took a step back from this zeroed in perspective on my goals and looked at how fortunate I am. Not only do I have necessities, but I have a wonderful family and great friends, a fulfilling job, my love for writing, plenty of books on my shelf, to name a few things. I’m so lucky. I’ve gotten to this point in God’s timing. My incredible parents have been able to give my sister and I so much through His guidance and their hard work. So now, I will trust Him to do what’s best for me, but more than that, when it’s best for me. If I was calling all the shots, I have no doubt my life would be a complete mess. So I will trust Him, because I can always trust him. Always.

So, now I’m at the point of, no, I don’t want to skip a few years ahead in my life. I want to embrace now, because while life is completely hectic with the recent holidays, work, my recently completed online class, writing, etc. I wouldn’t have it another way. This is where God has led me, so I will go forth in trust and faith and full confidence. I will feel the now, because it has a beautiful place in the scheme of my life. Life will come at me, and I will continue on that process of achieving my goals, and in time if it’s in His will, I will achieve them. I’m dedicated to those goals, but I’m far more dedicated to God and all He’s done and will do. I will trust his timing, I will not covet (instead I’ll be really happy for others because achieving a goal we have in common is pretty darn awesome!), I won’t want to jump ahead, and I will feel the now.

In a recent spoken word, I wrote:

“With Him by our side, we accept our life’s timing on a master pocketwatch.”

That timing will be best. For all of us. And I look forward to seeing where these processes to my goals lead, because, what’s that old phrase that Homer once said? The journey is the thing. 


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