Our Latest Rescue: Paisley Rose

Miss Pay-Pay. Itty Bitty. Paisley. She’s the latest addition to our family as of May of this year, and what a little blessing she is!


We adopted her at the Connecticut Humane Society, Newington location. We adopted our dog, Gidget, and our cat, Misty, from the Waterford location. We’ve had nothing but phenomenal experiences with the Connecticut Humane Society and will continue to support them on their journey to find every homeless animal a home.

Paisley’s Likes: laying in the sun, going for walks, her people coming home, snuggle time, her puppy brother and sister.

Paisley’s dislikes: meeting other dogs (at first), rough playtime with Gidget, the vet.


We think she is a Dachshund/Terrier mix, although for a small dog she is very mellow and calm. She loves to be picked up and snuggled; she will stay still while we rock her in a rocking chair like a baby for a solid twenty minutes. This dog is so full of love, she just needed a family to give it to!


She fits in so perfectly with our family. She isn’t damaged or any less because she was rescued. Instead, she just didn’t have the right fit until she met us. And that goes for every rescue animal waiting in the shelter; maybe you could be the perfect fit for them!! They’re just looking for a family to love ❤


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