Healing Part V: A Letter and Relief

*This is the final part of the Healing series. Thank you for supporting me in this, whether you’ve read one of the posts or now all five. Blogging this experience has been instrumental in the healing process itself, and I hope it’s reached you in a way that has somehow, in some way helped you. No matter what, thank you for following this, and for your thoughts and prayers. I appreciate it all. I’ve needed it all. I have and will continue to overcome, and I sincerely thank you for helping along in this journey* 

It was suggested to me by a great friend that I didn’t need a face to face conversation with my ex, but writing a letter might do the trick. She was right. I wrote a letter to him. It didn’t cover everything (no conversation or letter ever could), but I felt like I let so much go just by writing it. He won’t be receiving it. This letter expressed the lessons I hope he’s learned from the catastrophe that was the end of our relationship. It covered how I deserve to be treated so much better than he treated me, and that I have much more dignity and warrant much more respect than he gave me. It discussed my hopes for him in the future, and told about the solidity of mine. It said what it needed to. What I needed to. I’m glad I wrote it.  It’s my last word to him; it just needed to be said. And it has been.


There are still a few pieces of healing that will need to happen in the near future, but the bulk of it is done. I know I won’t wake up one day and think, “I’ve been completely healed now that it’s been x amount of time,” but I have faith that God will keep putting my heart back together little by little. It’s already been repaired beyond what I ever thought it could be, and it’s all because of Him. It will probably be a small moment sometime in the coming months when I’ll realize I haven’t hurt because of my ex in a long time. I won’t be able to remember the last time I thought about him, and I will understand that I won’t have any reason to need to again. And then I’ll move on from this moment, having been healed fully, and life will keep on moving. And it will be absolutely beautiful.

Thank you. Again and always.


Healing Series

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