Writer’s Oasis: Starting Again

In my last post, I mentioned a special connection I have with my grandmother, who passed away when I was three. I didn’t know her for long, but I feel that I’m carrying on her legacy in the sense that she, too, loved creative writing. There’s no one else in my family that I know off who had an affinity for writing except for Grandma Kris. That’s something I hold dear, and I’m so thankful that I inherited her sense of creativity! Writing has always been something that I’ve loved; there’s something about linking words together in a beautiful chain that has appealed to me.

And so, a new page begins…

Lately, though, I’ve let the craziness that is life curtail my writing time quite a bit. It isn’t an excuse, but I’ve gotten lazy with it. In my efforts to achieve in the other areas of my life, it’s almost as though I’ve slightly forgotten about the one I feel so strongly called to. Instead of this arrangement, I aim to create an atmosphere among the things that make up my week that inspires more of a balance. This way, I can create some time for everything (while also setting aside time to take care of myself) and nothing gets neglected.

That being said: consistency is everything. My writing as of late has either been a) sporadic or b) for school. Neither are ideal, and I’ve found myself struggling through the things that I end up choosing to write. They don’t exactly sound like my voice, or the style isn’t as effective as I would like. But these are things I became used to in the past because I was consistently writing most every day. I want to get back there. I don’t want writing to be a struggle, or something that I see as work. I intend to get back into a writing rhythm, you could call it, so that I can refine my craft.

So, I’ve got a little story for you. Many of you probably know this, but I used to be a competitive gymnast. As you can imagine, that takes a lot of constant, year round practice. It’s consistency personified, to be honest. Well, I remember one year I practiced harder than all of the others. It was my Level 7 year. I remember there was one day at practice when I did nine run-throughs of all the skills in my beam routine (I’m exhausted just thinking about it now!). However, once that year’s state meet rolled around, I won the all-around title. My consistency provided direct results in the form of achieving my ultimate goal for the year.

Now, I’m obviously no longer a gymnast, but I think that message of consistently honing your craft in whatever it is you’re working on remains the same. I want to get that way in writing. I want to set aside that time each day to truly practice writing in the voice I’m seeking, in the style that I want to be the signature of my work. My work ethic that I focused on gymnastics so long ago is what I want to translate to my writing (and the other areas of my life, too!). My goal is never to be mediocre. If I’m going to do something, I want to do it well! And that, I think is going to be my Summer 2018 theme that I’m determined to carry into the future seasons of my life.

My first goal in this? To jumpstart my novel-in-progress, Caspertown. I want to really dive into this story and get it on the page through and through. Beyond that, there are plenty more goals, and it’s a lot. However, I’m a firm believer in the fact that if you feel called to something and you’re determined to carry out that purpose, you need to think big. Set great goals for yourself, get great results. That is, if you stick to that motivation and hold onto the vision of what you’re gift from God can become. I want to write because He has messages to tell through me, and I want to be ready to tell them. I want people to read the words I put on paper and feel encouraged. But in order for those things to happen, practice is so necessary. I need to turn around and get out of these bad habits of putting writing off, when it should be such a real part of my present.

My latest poem, the first in awhile.

I’m ready to prepare myself to offer my gift to the world. I encourage you to do the same. Let’s take this journey together; there’s no need to wait until tomorrow!

Much love,


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