What’s Going On? Summer 2018

It’s crazy to think of all that has been jam-packed into the last thirty-or-so days, but here I am on the other side of it. Although 95% of what’s happened in the last month has been exciting and positive, it hasn’t been without its share of struggles. So let’s dig into those, too. I realize that social media can so often depict an idealized version of our lives. It isn’t usually intentional (I mean, who honestly wants to post when they’re having the worst day?), but it’s true. While I don’t think it does any good to dwell on the negative, it is important to address those feelings and experiences. This gives them validity, and creates an atmosphere that it’s okay to have an off day, or even the worst day. And with that, let’s see where I’ve been at.



I graduated from college! I earned my BA in English from Eastern Connecticut State University. To be honest, I’ve downplayed this achievement quite a bit, but I’m learning that I truly need to recognize it. Even with adversity, between overcoming past head injuries and powering through emotional turmoil, I did it. As a continuation of that, I got into the grad school of my choice! I will be attending Bowling Green State University, and pursuing my studies in English with a Professional Writing and Rhetoric specialization. It’s an online program, which is absolutely perfect me. I’m thrilled to see where the future takes me, as I know that God has the perfect plan.

My sister snapped some awesome photos at graduation!


I actually also have a new job! Well, new role, same place: Questers’ Way in Mansfield, CT. It’s honestly the best job ever, and now I get to utilize my degree by doing marketing, as well as any professional writing or editing that we would need moving forward. I also get to continue teaching gymnastics and creative writing, which makes it the best combination of all the things I love. It is such a gift to have a job you’re passionate about and to work for a company you truly believe in.


Best. Job. Ever.



I’ve really been delving deeper into my faith and all my church has to offer. I’ve started going to mid-week Bible study, continued as a leader of the youth group, started writing spoken word again, and I’m going to be volunteering in the nursery some weeks during service! I absolutely love being at church; God is the only focus.


Love my church!



This month, I’m recommitting to myself, my health, and my joy. I want to get healthier overall, and that’s my bottom line. More than anything, I want to feel better inside and out. I’ve gotten into bad habits in my everyday life that I really want to change. A regular sleep schedule is at the top of my list, and being aware of what I have readily available in the fridge is close behind that. Getting into a consistent exercise routine will also be integral to feeling really good. I’ve been down on myself lately, and I believe that that all stems from not feeling good on the inside. It’s okay to have those days, but I can’t let myself stay there. Address the problems and move forward.

On top of changing habits, I also want to stop wasting so much time (on my phone especially) and rededicate myself to what I really love: reading, writing and gymnastics. I am at a point in my life that I can focus on myself (which is a chance I didn’t think I’d get!) so I should make the most of it and create sustainable habits that I can move forward with.

A last huge part of that joy will be learning to completely let go of the things that I need to. There is so much that I have no control over, so I can’t keep stressing myself over these things that have no relevance to me. I just need to give it to God through prayer, and know that He will use it for good. I can fully rest in that knowledge. Separate post on this soon going into more depth.


Little lights among the day



On that note, it’s about time to wrap things up. I hope that you took away some encouragement from this post, especially that even with all of the accolades that we try to hold up on a pedestal for everyone to see, we all have our issues behind the scenes. I’ve been dealing with a lot of stubborn, harsh emotions and a negative self image lately, but I’ve also faced a lot of triumphs. Being honest about where we are is the beginning to true improvement, and I’m excited to make these realizations alongside of others through this blog. Thank you so much for taking some of your time to stop in and read through this!

Much Love,


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