Quick Thought: True Peace

In my “What’s Going On?” post for Summer, I talked about the fact that I am still working through some tough emotions. When you go through a loss of any kind, be it a nasty breakup, the death of a loved one, or even a changing era in the scheme of your life, it’s hard to cope with what was left behind. I’m still working through the last of that after my breakup last year. To put it simply, I want to heal thoroughly. I fully acknowledge that if emotions aren’t dealt with head-on, they can and will come back to haunt you later. When God puts the right man in my life, I want to be completely ready for another relationship, without anything bogging me down from my romantic past. So here, I want to discuss the source of the true peace I’m aiming for: Jesus.

In the initial stages of the breakup, I turned away from God. This was quite ironic, as I now realize that He is the only way toward complete healing. I tried every other outlet I could think of to try to patch up what was hurt, and respectively, that’s what those methods did. They temporarily covered up the hurt that was deep inside as though I could just forget about it. Spoiler alert: it always came back. When I came to realize that Jesus was the path I desperately needed to heal what was hurting, I threw myself into that process. It’s still ongoing, though I’m recognizing that I’m coming toward the end.

On this journey, the first thing that I discovered was the most important: true peace comes from God. Plain and simple, and yet we always think that we can come up with something better. When Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6), He meant that in every possible way. In the breakup aftermath, when we lose someone we love, when we miss the opportunity we thought we would gain. This is relevant for the flip side, too. When we win the competition, when we get the promotion, when we’re in a happy and healthy relationship. It doesn’t matter. He is the only way to go. God is our Father through the best of the good and the worst of the bad. Don’t turn from Him when you need Him most. He doesn’t want to see you hurt. Dwell in His presence and delight in His promises. He will not fail you. Ever.

A peaceful moment in my one of my happy places where I can be alone with God

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