Writer’s Oasis: June 2018

Due to the evolution and quality of the content that I want to produce, I’ve decided that I want to make my Writer’s Corner segment a monthly post like my “What’s Going On?” posts. That said, here is the first monthly Writer’s Corner for June 2018.

Here, I’m just going to give a little bit of insight to my writing process and inspiration as of late, as well as getting into some of the projects I’ve recently taken on. I’m very excited to get the chance to share the behind-the-scenes of writing, and keep this record in order to look back on my progress later on. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey, too!

Inspiration: Clouds by day.

The first thing I want to touch on is that June was really a revival of writing as a part of my life. For the last several months, in the midst of and in the aftermath of a very difficult season of life, I pushed writing off to the side. I know, it sounds strange. Just writing it here on this page is difficult to comprehend because I thought that I would have completely immersed myself in the craft in order to heal. However, that’s just not how it went. Would the healing process have been smoother and gone more quickly had I written? Probably, but I can’t bog myself down with regrets now. Instead, I’m jumping back into writing full force and using it to really close a tough chapter in my life. It’s honestly been liberating and makes me so incredibly happy to be back into it.

That’s actually the perfect segue into the first project that I’ve taken on. It’s a poetry collection with the working title: “Love Pattern”. It navigates the relationship that was my first love, featuring specific key points from start to finish in raw yet reflective poems. My goal is that this collection is able to offer perspective inside of love as I’ve seen it, from the hesitance of the beginning to the renewal of hope in the now. They will be infused with honesty but also a whole lot of grace, and while I only have a few written so far and they’re in the early draft stages, I can’t wait to see where these will go.

Inspiration: Clouds by sunset.

On that note, one thing I’ve been considering is beginning to post some of my work on Wattpad again. If you’re not familiar, Wattpad is a self-publishing website. It’s mainly used for fanfiction of all sorts (I wrote some completely innocent yet cringey fanfic myself in high school), but safe to say there are several more genre options that I would now utilize. In a way, I see this website as an opportunity to make it a mission field. What it doesn’t have a lot of is Jesus, and honestly, why not change that? There are so many readers on Wattpad who could stumble upon my writing and be introduced to Christ in an organic way. I’m considering posting the “Love Pattern” collection there eventually when it’s fine-tuned, planting the seed that through Christ we can find forgiveness and peace even within the toughest relationships. That’s the big picture. It would also be a way to share my writing in a convenient way with friends and family. It’s an idea bouncing around right now, but I’d love to dialogue about it. Comment below with your thoughts!

The last bit of this that I want to cover is that I’ve gotten back into writing spoken word this month. It’s been such a blessing, and I’ve really been able to grow in my faith through writing them. I’ll be sharing one with the youth group at my church (where I love being a youth leader!), and one with our congregation at an upcoming service this summer. The actual speaking in front of people part of spoken word isn’t my strong suit, but I know that they are much better off shared with others than hidden in my notebook forever. I feel called to writing for the Lord, so I’m thrilled to be able to share it with my church family.

Inspiration: Clouds by night.

That’s everything going on in my writing world right now, in this season of truly reclaiming my craft and going for it one hundred percent. I’m thankful for the process and the place that writing has in my life. God has blessed me with this passion for words, for sure!

Much Love,


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