Book Talk: Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

Book Title: Uninvited

Author: Lysa TerKeurst

Genre: Christian Nonfiction

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Recommend? Yes

This book took me a few tries to finish, but I am very that glad that I did. It was a great resource of wisdom form a godly woman who chooses to pursue the Lord each day. I really enjoyed her insight on the subjects of rejection and loneliness. One of my favorite chapters was: Chapter 10/Her Success Does Not Threaten Mine.



Authorial Style + Voice:

TerKeurst’s style is very individual. Her narration is unlike anyone I’ve read before, which is refreshing. I could pick up another book of hers and immediately know it was her without even looking at the cover. The style of this book is a very encouraging one, and she is sure to build her reader up with each sentence that she writes. She tells many personal anecdotes, and opens up to her reader through them, building a trust and genuine connection with them.

Section Rating: 10/10

Approach to Subject:

She eases the reader into this subject which isn’t only hard to write about, but hard to hear about, too. She uses a gentle tone throughout the lift her reader up during this discussion, however there were certain points when I wished she would have been a bit more firm in coming to a conclusion about the individual chapter subjects. At times, I felt that there could have been more leadup to a strong conclusion. That said, this is often what can happen with such a conversational voice. A bold and conclusive tone can be difficult to come by when the author maintains such a strong connection with the audience. It’s easier to achieve firmness when the author feels slightly more distant from their audience. It’s a give and take. I haven’t come across an author yet who manages to conquer both at once. Even still, TerKeurst handles the tough subject of rejection with grace, and I got a lot out of the book cover to cover.

Section Rating: 9/10

Reader Engagement:

Once this book got moving and I understood more about what it was about and settled into her writing style, I was drawn in and finished it quickly. Back to the conversational tone: it is a little bit different than what I normally read and took me a little while to absorb it to its fullest. I started and stopped this book several times before I actually finished it.  However, this could just be due to life stuff. For example, I’m pretty sure I chose to start it up more than once in the middle of a college semester (insert exasperated sigh). All that to say, I don’t think it was entirely the book. It was me. Once I finally completed the book, I was beyond glad that I did, but it did take me a few times to really become engaged with the material. For what that’s worth I figured I’d throw it out there.

Section Rating: 9/10


Each chapter flowed into the next seamlessly. TerKeurst drew on content that was already covered and brought it into the present chapter discussion. She provided a well-rounded perspective on rejection that allowed the reader to apply her points and the Scriptures she brought in to their own lives, encouraging them to pursue God in each season and feeling that they faced. She paced everything very well, which allowed me to read the information at a rate that I was able to fully absorb what she was saying. She also reiterated some of the quotes in a spotlight section on certain pages, pictured below, which was another chance to capture what she was saying. Very well-done!

Section Rating: 10/10

Quote spotlight


Overall, I completely recommend this book. I feel like many authors would shy away from the subject of rejection, but TerKeurst dives into it with faith and hope. She is very real in sharing her own experiences of being overcome by these difficult feelings, but is always sure to frame them in a positive perspective. I really enjoyed the Scripture verses she inserted to support her statements; she explained them very thoroughly. This book was a great read that left me feeling encouraged to pursue the best that God has to offer in any situation. I would definitely recommend it, especially to Christian women.


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