Month: August 2018

Travel Oasis: Riviera Maya 2018

Last year, my mom asked me where I would like to go for a trip after my college graduation. How do you choose with the whole world to pick from? After plenty of recommendations and discussions with a travel agent (who actually knows what they’re doing), I chose Riviera Maya, Mexico. It sounded perfect; there…

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Quick Thought: Numbers

For today’s quick thought, I want to talk about something that I’ve not only been observing, but experiencing myself. Social media has taken over across the world, soaking up more of our time than any of us had probably originally intended. However, one thing I’ve noticed is just how much we are letting numbers have…

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Enemy Mentality

When I was younger, I felt the imminent desire to have an “enemy” who I could compete with. Whether it was gymnastics, or school, or writing, or just in my social world, there had to be a bad guy. This would mean, essentially, that I could be the hero. I justified this mentality by telling…

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