Book Talk: Wreck My Life by Mo Isom

Book Title: Wreck My Life

Author: Mo Isom

Genre: Christian Nonfiction

Overall Rating: 10/10

Recommend: YES!

This book challenged me in many ways. It digs deep into Isom-Aiken’s testimony while also uncovering many universal truths along the way. It kept me turning the pages each time I sat down to read, and it left me looking forward to her other book: Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot. I was amazed at her story that spoke to the resilience of faith and the overcoming of adversity. She details the timeline of how Jesus changed her life, and by the end of the book it is clear how He took her struggle and turned it into the Spirit-filled, beautiful life she lives now. More on that in the conclusion of this review.

Book cover.

Authorial Style + Voice:

Isom-Aiken has a very consistent voice all the way through. I always felt as though she were right there next to me, prompting me to apply what she was talking about regarding faith to my own life. The word I would use to describe that voice would be conviction. Her style all the way through was somewhat tough love. She is so sure about leading a life that is dictated by what God has told us through the Bible not because she’s always lived a flawless life that way, but because she has seen the other side. She knows which provides more fulfillment, so she stands firm in her style and voice all the way through in telling readers her story and what she’s learned along the way.

Section Rating: 10/10

Approach to Subject:

She touches upon a variety of serious subjects through this book (suicide, pornography, taking leaps of faith, just to name a few), but what brings them all together is her story of redemption through the power and mercy of Christ. There’s a lot going on throughout her testimony, but redemption is what weaves it all together so seamlessly. That lines up with her approach so well; she is clear about the what happened and doesn’t hide anything for her “image”, so to speak, because of that redemptive power. Her approach to it all is honest.

Section Rating: 10/10

Reader Engagement:

I was completely captivated by this story from start to finish. The way I usually do my free reading is a little bit before bed each night. There were certainly moments when I may have stayed up later than planned because I didn’t want to put this book down, and it was well worth losing a few minutes of sleep! It went so far as to inspire me to make positive changes in my own life to align it much more closely with how God wants his children to live. I can say that Isom-Aiken’s story and the Bible verses she delves into within chapters certainly sparked that within me. I dug deeper into those verses and expanded my knowledge of His Word. This book did what I truly believe Isom-Aiken wanted it to do for her readers: lead them to Christ.

Section Rating: 10/10


Each chapter flowed very well into the next. I mentioned before the idea of the ideas being weaved together, but they also connect so directly chapter-to-chapter. I fully enjoyed reading this book in part because it never seemed choppy and read very clearly for this reason. I felt fully engaged within her testimony because it was laid out with very thoughtful organization that helped the reader take in the information at an effective rate.

Section Rating: 10/10

Overall, if I had to describe this book in one word, it would be authentic. Isom-Aiken doesn’t hold back in sharing her testimony, and through this she shines the light of Christ bright into our dark world. This book is very special in many ways, but especially in the sense that I would recommend this book to friends who are not yet saved, friends who have just begun their faith walk, and friends who are further along in their walk with Christ. I am confident that it can add value to every life, and my challenge to you is to get yourself a copy and give it a read.

To add to what I began above, I want to discuss Mo Isom Aiken’s social media presence. She has always been a strong voice in my social media feed, but reading this book has added even more to her authenticity online in my eyes. I can clearly see how Jesus changed her entire life from one of struggle and pain to one of love and peace. The way He has transformed her is such an inspiration, and I must say that I am very impressed that she expresses that through printed word as well as social media. Just a quick thing to add.

I 100% recommend this book. Happy reading!


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