Quick Thought: Numbers

For today’s quick thought, I want to talk about something that I’ve not only been observing, but experiencing myself. Social media has taken over across the world, soaking up more of our time than any of us had probably originally intended. However, one thing I’ve noticed is just how much we are letting numbers have a hold on us. Specifically, the number of likes we get on a certain post.

So, recently the Instagram algorithm must have changed, and I wasn’t getting quite as many likes as I was used to on my pictures. There were a couple of instances where I actually deleted pictures because in my eyes they weren’t getting enough likes from my followers. Reflecting back on that concept a little bit later, I realized how ridiculous that is.

Whether one or many, the lamps still shine. 

If I post a picture, or if you post a picture, that means we see value in it, right? I know that’s the case for me. It’s something that I feel compelled to share because I think it’s worth saying. However, why is it that suddenly once it’s out into the Internet universe suddenly it moves from a qualitative value to a quantitative value? This is usually why I sometimes feel like my feelings are hurt if a picture doesn’t get many likes; it actually meant something to me, but I don’t feel as though the numbers reflect that.

But why does it even matter? Your social media pages should reflect you, not what others want to see. We as people are so much more than the amount of likes, or our age, or the number we see on the scale. Numbers have never truly defined humanity; they’re too cold to do that. Numbers are flat, and we as people have shaped our lives to be reflected as so much more.

My challenge to you for today? Post something that puts real good into the world, and keep it up there whether it gets a bunch of likes or not. Quit your aesthetic for the day and express authentic, true positivity. Because although we get into the routine of these casual internet interactions, what people want are real connections and genuine truth. Social media doesn’t have to be strictly superficial. It can be so beautifully honest, no numbers required.


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