Renaissance Woman

Renaissance at its very core means rebirth. To live so differently than in the past that you feel like a completely different person, the best version of yourself that has ever existed. That is the season I’m in right now. My passions, my drive, my relationships, and my mindset are all going through a time of revival. Won’t you join me?

It’s sort of ironic, isn’t it, that life chose autumn to really kickstart everything again. A time when everything is settling down for the winter, when nature is calling for an end to the year with all of the leaves scattered on the ground, is my latest beginning. A time when everything is draped in stillness is when my pace, my stamina, my endurance toward success is increasing.

Many of us have probably heard of the phrase “Renaissance Man”: the type of person who is a jack of all trades, tracing back all the way to the historical Renaissance period. But we are no longer confined by the societal limitations that people were bound by back then; and I am ready to be a full-fledged Renaissance Woman.

What does this mean? It means I don’t have to compromise. I am fully confident in my capability of someday being the best wife and mother I can be while also leading a thriving professional life within my career. I can continue to pursue publication in my writing while also keeping a beautiful home. I can be every facet of myself from a foundation of faith. What does that term mean for you? How can you be the most whole version of yourself while standing by your foundational beliefs?


There comes a point in life when you stop accepting less: less respect, less positivity, less possibility. I’m there. I’m ready to make things happen for myself and start anew. Right now. No 2019 necessary just yet. I’m going to set forth as a renaissance woman, a woman of many talents. Let’s cultivate our growth rooted in faith and built upon hard work.

It’s a season of renaissance. rebirth. revival. Let’s begin.


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