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Blacksmiths. Shoe smiths. Wordsmiths? I first heard that term in my undergrad senior seminar. My professor put it so eloquently that I wouldn’t do it justice in a recreation, but that one word really stuck with me. Wordsmith. We cultivate words to create something beautiful. We’re experts in wordcraft, composing exposition just so that it communicates something powerful.

I’ve been dating recently, meeting lots of new people, which means telling them more about myself in person. I remember when I first met the man who is now my boyfriend (#blessed). When I told him I’m a writer, he wanted to find out more. What do I write? What is my style like? Perhaps most importantly: why do I write? And I gave that some thought, so as to not make light of my life’s passion, but after that pause I told him: “I like to leave people’s souls just a little haunted.”

Now, in all fairness, I think haunting can be a good thing, too. Jolting your soul just a little to push you toward the right thing, or something that just gets you thinking. People so seldom think anymore; it’s more about talking, or rather spewing words these days. However, I want to craft words in order to make a bit of a haunting. To reach people instead of simply scratching the surface.

My responsibility is to put words to moments, give light to happenings that must live on.

All of that to say, anyone can be a writer, but it takes a special kind of person to be a wordsmith. On this blog’s description bar, you’ll see that it reads: faith-based lifestyle and inspiration, packaged with a love for words. That last bit “packaged with a love for words”, is the wordsmith touch. Words are my art, my soul, and my gift. I want to be a wordsmith for good, to spread the good news of Christ and inspire people all over the world. There has never been a better time than now.

Whatever you do, let it be done with excellence. Every role that God places on this Earth has a chance to be used for good. I am certain that words are my way to reach people, and I intend to use my wordsmith touch to reach hearts all over the world. Big results start with big goals, so here goes. I’m diving in, wordsmith style.


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