III. The Greatest Investment

I wish I could say that I was a wiz when it comes to money, along with any and all financial decisions. The truth is, I’m still working all of that out, but I do know a thing or two about what it means to invest in something. Now, granted, I’ve never invested a large sum of money into any one thing, but who says an investment has to be about cash?

Today I want to talk about something more tenuous and fleeting than money: our time. As I touched upon in part two of this miniseries, we so often waste our time, specifically in this new social media age that’s designed to suck us in. However, today I want to bring it all to close with a final mindset to help optimize our ever-precious time.


Instead of thinking of my time as a resource flowing in abundance, I’ve begun to think about it in a more logical, critical way: an investment. How so? I want to invest my time in things that will propel me further later on, much like investing money in real estate, for example, can often have financial benefits later. Binge watching the latest Netflix release, while perhaps gratifying on occasion, shouldn’t be a regular occurrence, as it isn’t a step toward larger goals. Instead, let’s ProsPer.

And here is where we blend the “this moment” and “big picture” ideals: how would my action in this moment positively or negatively affect my big picture? Binge watching? It will leave me with no progress and a lack of practice. If I, however, devote a bit of my time each day to, say, fitness or scrawling out a quick poem, it will work much more to my benefit in where I feel called and would like to go in my life. In investing my time in things that matter instead what simply feels good in the moment, I will then be left with more than just success. I will be left with fulfillment and peace, too.


All of this to say, if we want to make the best use of our time, perhaps we should start thinking of it as an investment, a limited privilege that we have. So maybe the next time the “are you still watching?” popup shows on my Netflix screen, I may just opt to exit and invest my time in something a bit greater.

Much Love,


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