Falling in Love with Fitness: February

In this new Word Oasis series, I’m going to be exploring what it takes for me to, you guessed it, fall in love with fitness again over the course of the next year. I used to absolutely adore exercise and how I felt after a great workout. What did that workout look like, you may be asking? A gymnastics practice. Being a competitive gymnast for six years, I’m no stranger to long workouts. But here’s the thing: they didn’t feel that long because I loved what I was doing. It wasn’t about the duration of the workout, but the fact that I got plenty of exercise doing something I was crazy about! So, here’s the deal. I no longer have the capability (or time) to do gymnastics workouts in the gym sixteen hours per week. However, what I’m aiming to do here is try to new things to find that passion, excitement, and joy in exercising again. Simply walking into a traditional gym and using the equipment at my own discretion just doesn’t seem to work for me, at least not several times per week every week. So, let’s start with where I’m at now.


It will always be my favorite sport ♥️

Look, let’s not beat around the bush. Yes, I’ve gained weight over the past couple of years. Between the stress of the insanity that is work/life balance during college, emotional duress (check out the Healing Series if you haven’t already!), and just not finding a source of exercise I’ve been overly interested in, yeah it happened. I’m not beating myself up about it anymore, but it’s the truth. But more so than how I look, I’m concerned with how I feel, especially in the last few months. I just feel like I’ve been constantly lagging, always tired and slightly under the weather. Just sluggish. And I’m so sick of feeling that way. When I was a gymnast, yes I was tired when I went to bed at night, but during the day I was so energized. I miss that.

Therein lies my motivation for this little project that is Falling in Love with Fitness. I want to try a bunch of different things (classes, programs, etc.) to see what I like and what I can see myself sticking with to help me feel better. Along with all of this feel-good and physical health reasoning, we also need to look at the benefits that exercise provides to mental health. It’s really good for us to have things that we’re passionate about in life that have nothing to do with our career or income. Things we do only for fun and for the love of it. That’s what I want exercise to become (in addition to my makeup addiction, which might I add is still going strong): something I’m excited about and can look forward to, while also helping my body to feel its best.

That’s where my mindset is about this whole thing right now. As you can see, lots of good intentions but a little bit jumbled. That’s about where my exercise regiment is at, too, but as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve already started this year by trying some new things…

Eastern CT friends, included in the following descriptions are some fantastic locations/fitness instructors I definitely recommend, so check them out!

On quite literally the first day of this year, my boyfriend, Chris, and I attended a yoga class at my new favorite yoga studio, The Yoga Farm. Of course we weren’t the best at it since we’re both beginners, but we had a blast and everyone there was super encouraging! I’ve been attending almost weekly ever since and have loved taking that time for myself each week while steadily improving as I go. This fitness activity is a winner in my book! It pushes my body and puts my mind at ease all at once.


New beginnings on new beginnings

The next activity I was determined to give a go was Zumba! My friend, Melissa, is a fantastic instructor (find her at: Zumba with Melissa) so I figured what better way to try something new than with someone who I’m close to teaching me? I’ve been having a lot of fun! The songs are upbeat, and the moves are accessible. What I love about fitness classes like yoga and Zumba is that they keep your mind engaged while also allowing you to exercise your body. Quite honestly, when I’m just in the gym using the equipment, I get bored. In a class, I’m learning and getting my workout in.

The last remaining question for February is: what’s next? I’ve been the gym just to do some cardio a couple of times in addition to the classes I mentioned. I plan to attend yoga twice per week and Zumba once per week, and already have some new classes in mind I’d like to try. There is an aerial yoga class at my gym that was recommended to me, so I’m going to give that a whirl, and I also want to try to get into a kickboxing class. Personal training may also be an option to really learn how to maximize my time in the gym. Between all of that, I’ve got plenty to choose from! So until March, I hope you’ll continue on a journey of finding some love for fitness, too.

Much Love, Quinn

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