Writer’s Oasis: Write. It. Down.

Have you ever had a really good idea? You know, the kind that makes you feel all excited and motivated to make things happen? The kind that just brightens your entire day and makes you feel super optimistic? Yeah, those are the best. However, I for one always seem to think I’m going to remember this brilliant idea and all of its details, when in fact I won’t. Then, when I proceed to forget all about it and come back to it later, I can’t remember everything. And then I wilt. But, alas, there is a quick fix for this problem. Write. It. Down.

I carry around a little notebook wherever I go. It’s very travel-friendly and fits into almost every bag I own. I also keep an adorable stack of sea turtle sticky notes that my sister got me next to my bed for nighttime, and pens go with me everywhere. I have no excuse. And yet so often I relent to relying on my flawed memory. And guess what? I’ve forgotten some really awesome ideas. I don’t remember much about them, but I know they were some of those really good ones. I’m going to be using those little notebooks more often from now on, I’d say.

Handwritten. The beginning.

I’m still learning this lesson the hard way, but I do suggest putting pen to paper when it comes to jotting down your top ideas. Be it a poem concept, painting you’d like to create, business idea for the future, fitness goals, just handwrite it down anywhere you can (I’m also quite fond of sticky notes of all kinds). Because, as silly as this all may sound, taking the initiative to be intentional in scrawling a quick note down for an idea is the way to go. It begins what could be the start of something beautiful. So take it from me, the idea can flow aboundingly and be cultivated just so when you take the moment to just write it down.

Much Love, Quinn

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