Decluttering My Life: Closet

Picture this: I’m folding laundry (not my favorite task), and have it all laid out nicely on my bed. The bulk of the chore is over, and now all I have to do is put it away, right? Well, not exactly… you see, my closet is an absolute mess, with clothes filling each shelf and hanger. In addition, some of the space is used for storage for other things. There is no room left for anything else. Except I have several piles of clothes that need to fit in there, too. It’s honestly the worst part of doing laundry because there’s just too much stuff.

The before

Now, I want to preface this series by expressing gratitude for all I have. I’m an extremely fortunate individual, and I never want to forget that. However, especially in my closet, I knew that there were so many things that someone else would use more than I would and did (in fact, it just sat there in my closet). Hence, one day I got fed up and spent the afternoon going through all of my clothes. I wasn’t wearing 75% of the clothing I had, clothing that like I said was in perfect condition could be far better utilized by someone else.

It’s very clear that decluttering is very popular at the moment (specifically the Marie Kondo method). However, I just went with my own criteria that suited my current lifestyle. I focused on how many times in the last six months I wore the piece, if I thought it fit my current style, and how many outfits I could picture it in. Finally I looked at how many other kinds of similar pieces (short sleeve shirts, jeans, dresses, etc.) I had and which ones I liked best. I chose just a few from that group. I ended up with nine garbage bags’ worth of clothing to donate.


Not only did I love the feeling of being able to help someone out who might be going through a rough time, but I loved the look of my closet so much more! I could actually see what I had and which options I had to choose from. I actually found a lot of pieces I’d forgotten about during the process, too. It was a win all around. Added to all of these perks, I thought back to when I moved last year and clothes were in the majority of boxes. There was so much to transport and carry to and from each place, and knowing I’ll be moving in the near future for work, decluttering is definitely the way to go.

The after

There’s still a lot there, and I’ll probably go through it all again to weed out anything else I don’t end up using enough, but it’s a great start! Decluttering My Life is going to be a new series here on Word Oasis, so stop back now and again to see more decluttering of: jewelry, books, my desk area, and more! Stay tuned.

Much Love, Quinn

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