A Nod to Tradition

We all have our idea of what tradition is. Maybe it’s something you celebrate, or something you resist, or something you simply acknowledge. I think whatever your perspective of tradition is like, though, we can all agree that there are aspects of it that we should strive for even now. Let’s break it down in a few different ways to see how we can honor the tradition in our lives and use it to still move forward.

To start, I want to talk about those personal traditions that each of us and our families have. They’re different for everyone and keeps a sense of togetherness for us year after year. For me, one of those is that my mom and I attend the Roseland Arts Festival in Woodstock, CT each year. It’s a wonderful artisan show with booths ranging from jewelry to handmade kitchenware to clothing. But it didn’t start with us. Years ago, my mémère and my mom used to go together as a mother-daughter tradition. When I was small, I went with them in a stroller. Nowadays, Mémère is no longer with us and I’ve grown up, but Mom and I still go together every year. It’s something we look forward to each October and a way we still honor Mémère while enjoying time together at the show.


Roseland Arts Festival 2018

Next, you have traditions like antiques. There just something about an item that was made long ago and is still going strong. It speaks to how well things were made. In our day, most things are made cheaply and quickly instead of thinking about lasting power. But in decades past that wasn’t the case. The detail is intricate, and so many pieces from clocks to lamps to desks are still being used today. They have a level of character from going through life that things today won’t, because they won’t last all those decades. Things with long-standing stories within them are some of the most special.


Working artifacts

Finally, the most important piece of tradition, I think, is when we’re talking about romance. I remember reading an article (I can’t remember where it was exactly) that interviewed an elderly couple. When asked what the secret to a long-lasting relationship, the woman replied with something along the lines of, “We grew up in a time that when something was broken, you fixed it. You didn’t just throw it away.” That says a lot. When things get tough, you don’t give up on what matters most. If we aren’t here to love others, then what are we here for? With social media’s constant pull, there is such a disconnect in all sorts of relationships, including romantic ones. We need to learn to balance enough to put down the phone and put in the time it takes to make relationships successful. It takes undivided time, and it’s always worth working for.

Much Love, Quinn

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