Get Honest Project: I’ve Been Doing This Wrong…

the get-1

I’ve been at this blogging thing for awhile. I thought I had it down pretty well by now. Well, turns out I’ve been doing it wrong… at least by my new standards. To date, I’ve put blogging in a box and placed so many restrictions on myself when it came to this outlet. I put a schedule (or rather, a schedule in theory) ahead of creativity, and the blog started to become more of a chore than a release. I lost sight of why I started this to begin with: to see where it went and have a place online to write in a new creative way.

Along the way, there wasn’t a consistent vision in mind; I simply wrote what I wanted to write, and that was perfectly fine. Now, though, I’m ready to have a direction here. I’m comfortable enough with this genre and platform to really dive deeper into my purpose. That being said, I don’t want a super rigid structure. I want to be able to steep myself into creativity and open up in an authentic way.


Start with the remnants…

I want this space to be a haven for creativity that mirrors my childhood. 

There’s a vision here. But there’s also room to get messy. As Alex G sang, “Every inch of my messy is beautiful”.  I want to live by that, and I’m beginning again right here. I’m ready to experiment with different subjects and graphics that amount to our overall direction: finding voice. I want to guide others to finding their voice through the timeless art of creative writing.

However, I have to start somewhere very important first: rediscovering my own voice.

These past five years have not been smooth sailing for me. A lot has gone down and changed, and so much has been torn down and built back up. This Saturday, I’ll tell an important story that has silenced me, partly here on the blog and partly on my newly created YouTube channel. This is something I haven’t shared so in-depth before, but it’s time to get honest. I’m ready for that. If you’d like to get some background on this story, check out my Healing Series. We aren’t starting in chronological order in terms of time, but we’re starting where it makes sense.


…and go from there.

I understand that before I can help others find their voices, I need to grasp my own. I can’t wait to find it again. I’ve missed it. I may have been doing this wrong, but it wasn’t a mistake. We’re getting honest, and it gets real this week.

Much Love, Quinn


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