The Get Honest Project: Rediscovering My Voice

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I’ve shied away from this calling for too long. Since I was a child, I’ve been drawn to the way language can create other worlds, how it transmits untold messages, and how it can become most anything at all. It’s moldable and fluid. It was the hiding place I used to run to when other parts of life became overbearing, but as of the last couple years, I became afraid of it. I was scared that the way I sculpted language wouldn’t be good enough for one reason or another. I was wrong to think that way. I’d started to drip the overbearing nature of other pieces of my life into my creativity, and then it became like the rest. There became only a smattering of filled pages in my notebook.

Right now that is all changing. I have plenty to say. I see the world in a completely unique way just as you do, and it’s about time I commit to sharing my view. I want to showcase so much on the lines of those pages. I want to encapsulate essences, bridge destinations, and infuse hope. There are an endless amount of words to choose from, so many languages to use, and endless combinations. There are so many things to speak up for, to highlight, and to offer. I’m ready to write unlike I’ve ever before. I’m grateful for the journey back to my pen.

Rediscovering my voice has meant jumping such difficult hurdles, but now I’m secure in what I have to say. More than that, I also want to share my processes with others, and push them to share their unique, one-of-a-kind voice with this world. We live in a time that has a lot of turmoil; there’s no way to avoid that. However, it’s also a time that needs voices. There’s no sense in letting the same people being the only ones to talk again and again.

Additionally, in an automated time that requires little more than a click of a button to gain a desired result, I want to share the world of creativity and how it can be greater than any adventure found on a screen. In its manual nature, it exudes its impact. Whether it’s alone in your room with a notebook and pen, or taking the steps to publish a piece, or anything in between/beyond, I want this space to cater to you.

I’m creating and I’m sharing, and I’m doing so at the same time. It’s daunting, but I’m committed to living inside inspiration and putting pen to paper. I want to construct words to instill joy in others and create joy within myself. It’s a journey, but I’m back on the path. Trek on.

“The rest is still unwritten.” -Natasha Bedingfield

Much Love, Quinn

The Get Honest Project

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