In My Element

I’ve recently been in a season of life when everything just seems to flow. After a few months of start and stop roadblocks in different areas of life, it’s so refreshing. The term breakthrough seems perfectly appropriate. It’s as though all the cogs and gears are moving in unison, and that my life is infused with things I’m passionate about. The Get Honest Project has opened a door within me to dip back into what makes me the most fulfilled. Let’s just say I’m ready to go from dip to dive, because what a difference it’s made!

All of that to say, I saw a tweet yesterday from one of my favorite musicians that just reinforced the thought of, “yeah, I’m made to do this because this is how it’s supposed to be”. Side note: If you’ve never heard of Chrissy and her band, Against the Current, you should check them out! For more on them, stop back here for tomorrow’s post šŸ˜‰


That feeling she has on stage that she’s describing here, that’s so similar to how I feel when I’m writing. I’ve noticed this especially in longer form writing (i.e. my novel-in-somewhat-of-progress), but there are also cases when I’m so in depth with a poem that it doesn’t quite matter that it’s a shorter piece. I fall into a writing rhythm where the words seem a being of their own, and they seem to spew effortlessly from my pen or on my keyboard. Truth be told, these are some of my favorite moments that I get to experience in life. I feel alive just sitting there on the living room couch or in my bedroom. There’s nothing particularly special about that day; what makes it special is the fact that I made the intentional choice to do what my soul loves and it all clicks. I’m in my element.

I’m entering a season when I want to be in my element more often. Spending time with language and pouring my soul all over a page is what I so deeply desire in the nooks and crannies of my days. I’m not resisting it anymore, or telling myself that there are better ways to spend my time. I’m returning to the pure joy of when I wrote as a child, and there were no expectations, and no pressure at all. Sometimes moving forward means stepping back.

Much Love, Quinn

Thank you so much for reading today! If you liked this response to a tweet concept, look for more of that on the Word Oasis YouTube channel in the near future.

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