What’s Going On? Summer 2019

Hey, it’s Quinn. It’s been more almost two months since I’ve posted anything, but I hope you may remember me and this blog. My last month has been an absolute whirlwind, and you just know I’m going to tell you about it. I’m a pretty open book, so when I take a short interim, meantime, breather (check out the @word.oasis Instagram for more on that), I like to catch up. I wanted to put this post off even further until I had “everything together”, but let’s be honest, when you’re twenty-one the chances of that happening are slim. Really, though, the chances of that are slim at any age. I certainly have some great content up my sleeve for the very near future, but I do think it’s important to keep you in the loop with my happenings, so here goes. 

This has been a season of transition, and two key elements of this time in my life are risk and commitment. I did a post a little while back about risk, but wow is it different when you actually take the jump. And as much as it can be so terrifying and unsettling and knock the wind right out of me, I knew in my gut that this was the time for that jump. Logic didn’t back it up, but my intuition knew. So, here I am. It requires me to take the risks and commit. I’m all in.

Ready to bloom.


First thing’s first: I moved. Beyond that, I moved to an entirely different state. Alright, so new England states are small, and I moved from one of the smallest to another (Connecticut to Rhode Island), but I still count it a huge step. I am so NOT the girl who picks up and moves out of spontaneity or the sudden desire of her heart. Nope, never been me. And keep in mind that the only other time I’ve moved out of my parents’ house (I even stayed home and commuted in college) was when I moved approximately five minutes away. So, I took that step to move out more on my own and I’m quite proud.

I’m in a great, beachy little town outside of Providence, and get this: I’ve only ever known rural CT life. Now, I’m only ten minutes from a (fairly) major city and it’s a bit different. That being said, I’m loving it! There are always pros and cons, of course, but this change of pace is a welcomed one. It’s something new and broadening my horizons. Plus, new surroundings have such a way of promoting inspiration, and WOW has that been refreshing. I’ve got a lot cookin’ in the idea department, and I’m eager to dive in now that things are more settled.

Lovely nighttime views.

The second layer of this is that I’m living in a house somewhat of my own. Well, my boyfriend and I are renting it, but you know what I mean. In any case, the stars aligned for us just so to be renting this house, just us, for a great price. Chris and I have delegated household responsibilities, and we’ve just been sifting through and figuring it all out. Settling in has been steady, we’re planning some home projects already, and it’s been a sigh of relief. It was a lot to impend, but now that I’m in the midst of it, it’s a lot easier to move through it. Some things you just need to do in order to learn. I’m very much still learning, and will be for a good while, how to keep a home. While I’m learning, though, I do want to share some home content sprinkled in here and there.

From the 4th of July.


Since I moved, it’s only natural that I’ve changed my job. I’m coaching gymnastics again! I accepted a job at a local gym coaching a variety of different ages and class types. I’m so thrilled that I get to make an impact in this way again. I’m passionate about this sport and I’m so happy that my story with it isn’t over. In addition, I’ve been busy with an internship with a music artist. I’m primarily writing and editing in the PR side of things. I’ve really enjoyed learning and experiencing these new ways to channel my skills.

Handstands somewhere fun (sneak peek).

Lastly, I have some more career developments in the works, but I’m not quite ready to share yet. I want to give this project the chance to breathe and become. What I will say is that it’s something out of my comfort zone but at the same time interests me immensely. I keep reminding myself that I’m twenty-one years old and taking my time to sort things out and try is perfectly okay. I’m giving myself that space, and it is thoroughly freeing.


Just a little blip here about school because it’s still very relevant. I’m about to enter my third part-time semester of my graduate school career. I’m nearly halfway done with it, and I’m taking three online classes this semester that will help propel me further not only in my Master’s degree, but also in my developing career. I’m looking forward to getting started again and continuing on in my progress.



As I mentioned earlier, my new space has allowed some new ideas to erupt. One of those ideas created an entirely new configuration for my novel-in-progress (for forever now), Caspertown. I’ve had such an up and down journey with this story for many reasons I will get into in another post, but the point is, the story hasn’t been quite right. But I’ve got this idea to change it up and I’m going to give it another go. This story is still stuck in my brain, I’ve got this concept, so let’s just try. Caspertown has taught me a lot even in its not-exactly-being, one of those things being that certain seasons are meant for things to finally come to fruition. I know this story is going to keep transforming, but here we are starting again. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

In addition to that, I’ve started simply putting pen to paper again with those ideas that have been floating around. Going into that upcoming post about Caspertown will be a deeper conversation about consistency. Spoiler alert: I haven’t been at all consistent in my writing or creativity in general for awhile. Writing down ideas is how I’m beginning again. I’m piecing things together in my little idea notebook with bananas all over it. Gotta start (again) somewhere.

Fruity vibes.

The last thing I want to touch on in this section is another work-in-progress, so I’m not going to give too much away for now. I’m going to be attempting short fiction once again. I’ve got a story in mind and a deadline, so let’s do it. I haven’t done this since fiction class over a year ago in undergrad, but I want to give it a go, so I’m not going to limit myself. That’s the heart of creativity, after all.


Whatever I’ve been doing hasn’t been working. So, like a GPS rerouting after a wrong turn, we’re switching directions. It goes back to truly recommitting to myself. Recommit. That’s a big word, but the apparent theme of this post and season is “let’s just try”, and so be it! I’ll touch base quickly about my health improvement ideas. Ultimately I keep looking back at my life and seeing all these wonderful things I didn’t enjoy to the fullest because I didn’t feel my best. I’ve had it with that, so here are my ideas of things that would boost my overall health:

  • meal prepping and limiting how much I eat out (thank goodness my boyfriend is a chef because cooking is not one of my strengths, but I hope to learn!)
  • doing consistent cardio: going for walks is accessible, so I’ll start there
  • going back to yoga: it made me feel great in all ways and there’s a great little studio in my new town
  • journaling daily: get it out on paper before bed so I can really rest
  • improving my sleep: keeping a bedtime is first and foremost, but with research and more of a battle plan so I no longer wake up tired
  • implementing less screen time into my life in a practical way

I’m going to try in earnest to achieve these points (or at least most of them) and improve my overall health. I’ll log it (in my journal 😉 and will definitely blog some health updates along the way about these topics.

Ready to bloom.

There it is: a little snapshot into my present. Like your life, it’s ever-changing, but as I mentioned, plenty of these aspects will lend themselves into upcoming blog content. I’m sure I’ll tuck little updates in the meat and potatoes of future posts, too. Well, my hope is that this gave you some insight on where I’ve been and perhaps inspired you in one way or another. Let’s just try.

Much Love, Quinn

6 thoughts on “What’s Going On? Summer 2019

  1. Hey, great to read this. You might mention your exploration of the use of essential oils in your quest for improved health and well-being. Being a Wellness Advocate myself, I am always interested in how this works for individuals. Natural solutions can help, when nothing else seems to do the trick. Keep on writing, as you may know I have been keeping a hand written journal for about 60 years. All the best, Uncle Alan


    1. Thank you, Uncle Alan!! That’s a great idea! I’m still experimenting with all of the ones I got from our party, but I will be sure to keep track and mention them in future posts 😊


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