Concert Review: Megan & Liz

Date: September 6, 2019 | Location: New York City | Venue: Mercury Lounge

Pre-Show Exploration

I bought these tickets as soon as they went on sale, making sure to snag two of the VIP party passes in the process. In fact, I was driving at the time they went on sale, so I purposely pulled into a parking lot to buy the tickets before hitting the road again. What can I say? I’m committed 😉 Through a wonderful friend I met through an internship this summer (and who works with Megan & Liz), Bethany, I learned that they were shocked when their VIP sold out in minutes. I wasn’t surprised in the least! These are two of the most talented, genuine, and fabulous women I’ve ever encountered in the music industry. The week of the show, I finally got around to making bus and train arrangements to get to and from the city (my parents live in Connecticut, so my boyfriend and I stay there for a night and then go into the city from New Haven the next day). Granted, I definitely should have bought those tickets sooner, but (she said very drawn out) my procrastination wasn’t too detrimental and I got the tickets we needed. This time.

We made it into New Haven in plenty of time to find parking and make it to Union Station, a welcome change from our last trip. We hopped on our bus and began our trek into New York City. Okay, not the best bus driver in the world, but the price was right so how can we complain? We got off the bus at the end of the line and got our bearings as to where exactly we were. We were quite far from the venue, but we got into the city with plenty of time (planning does in fact pay off, folks), so I figured we could take a nice walk, weather permitting.

Narrator voice: However, the weather did not permit. 

Before that, though, I began to run out of steam, so we stopped for a lovely smoothie at Dr. Smood. Very cute place; highly recommend! Just after we stepped back outside, the rain made its appearance, so we caught a Lyft to the Lower East Side where the Mercury Lounge is, opting to explore closer to our destination. We popped into several stores, from bookstores to apparel shops to knick-knack spots. The works. We ate our dinner at a local pizza place (y.u.m.) and stopped at a couple more locations before we went to wait for doors to open at Mercury Lounge before the show.

 VIP Pre-Party

Doors opened and we entered into Mercury Lounge. After a short walk to the back where the venue is located, we got to hang out with Megan and Liz! We chatted with them and I got to reminisce about a picture I took with them six years ago when I saw them last. They are so down to earth and just real. You can tell they see so much beauty in each and every fan they talk to; you feel like you’re truly one of their best friends! I’ve heard such stories from people about how they’ve been disappointed when they meet some of their favorite artists, but the exact opposite is true when you meet Megan and Liz. They have so much gratitude for being able to perform, and they even exceed your expectations. Who they are online and who they are in person are the same people. That is so refreshing in this day and age! So. authentic.

The pre-party was so relaxed and fun. There was pizza and soda available, everyone just got to chat together, and we all got to take both professional pictures and selfies alike. I also got to meet Bethany in person for the first time! We live in different parts of the country, so when we met through the remote internship, meeting in person wasn’t going to be the simplest. However, the stars aligned and we both ended up in magical NYC for the Megan & Liz show. This night was so fantastic in every way!



Megan & Liz’s opener for this show was Roxiny, a local artist who has such a strong vision for her work. I thoroughly enjoyed her whole set; she is a great blend of meaning, individuality, and talent. I especially loved her component of having her dancers come in through the crowd and onto the stage before backing the music with interpretive choreography. Roxiny’s storytelling in her work is astounding, and she is certainly a refreshing artist to check out! I must also note that it’s rare for me to be totally into an opener, but I was in this case.


As soon as Megan & Liz walked on stage, the energy was electric. You could feel the palpable emotion from everyone in the room: excitement, anticipation, relief, and loyalty. Megan and Liz haven’t played an official headlining show in years, so these first three back in Nashville, NYC, and Chicago in 2019 were huge. Everyone gathered in that room knew just how beautiful these moments were. We’ve all stuck by these artists because we whole-heartedly believe in them. We still do, no matter how many years go by.

There was such a fun mix to the music in their set! They played mostly from their pop catalog, playing a variety from their first EP, All Of Our Boyfriends, to their latest EP, Muses. In that way, we got to see the growth of Megan and Liz as artists, while also connecting back with songs that were part of the soundtrack of our lives. I know that I was taken back to specific moments, and the nostalgia paired with how I can currently relate to the music was so wonderful. Throughout their set, I could see their passion and their growth embodied and personified onstage, and you wouldn’t be able to tell straightaway that they haven’t played shows in awhile.

Megan & Liz played an acoustic section in the middle of the show that, to me, was so meaningful. That’s how we all began to know them; playing songs with just their voices and a guitar in front of a camera for YouTube. They delved a bit into their country selections for this portion, and it added a nice flow to the show. In terms of details, the lighting and musicians who played with them were great throughout. The entirety of the concert was a blast from start to finish. Getting to hang out with Bethany for the night was icing on the cake! We jammed out to all of the songs, chatted about everything from A to Z, and just enjoyed New York. It has a way of bringing people together.

In addition, throughout the show, the girls told us about some of the backstories to the songs (Liz’s “When we wrote this song, we thought we were it” had us all cracking up). They also showed more of their personalities and who they are; again, they are the same people on and offline as well as on and offstage. They are full of realness, grace, entrepreneurship, and artistry, and I’m so proud to support them. They were my role models when I first started following them back in 2012, and they are still my role models today. The level of consistency that these women have had in my life stems from their authenticity and the purity of their hearts. They are the real deal.

Check out a snippet of their song, “Just Enough”, live at the show!


*all ratings, in true gymnast fashion, are on a scale of one to ten, with ten being the best*

Opener: 10

Roxiny was fantastic! I am now officially following her and adding her to my playlists. She set the mood for the evening and crafted her set to speak to the crowd.

Stage Design: 10

It was simple and all it needed to be. Nothing fancy, all about the music. That’s honestly my preference so I was a happy camper!

Venue: 8

Mercury Lounge was good. There was hardly any room to wait outside, though, and the room got really hot by the end of the show. Neither are the biggest deal, but they were points I noted.

Music Quality: 10

Absolutely pristine. Megan & Liz gave the show their all, even with Megan having almost no voice the week leading up to it. She still sounded amazing, as did Liz, of course!

Performance Value: 10

Again, they performed their absolute best! There was a great balance to the show, and I could tell a lot of thought and practice went into making it as phenomenal as it was.

Overall Experience: 10

One of the best nights of my life. No exaggeration. Enough said.

Not the greatest picture ever, but I just love the passion and the togetherness that it shows

Post-Show Shenanigans

We started off our night hanging out with Bethany at the rooftop bar (the view from it below!) located at her hotel. After confirming there was a train for us to catch after the midnight hour, we continued to Chinatown to meet up with some of the team from the show to hang out for a bit.

We ended up stopping outside the One World Trade Center. It was such a moment of reverence and resilience being there right before 9/11. The magnitude of just being at that place is immense. It was something that put the night in perspective: I am blessed to have had such a great night, but freedom such as that comes at a high cost. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for those who protect that freedom and fight for justice even within tragedy. I was also overwhelmed at the feeling of loss that is still there in that place. It was a moment of remembrance before Chris and I headed to the train station. Life is precious, and there is certainly a lot of evil in this world, but I truly believe that there is more good. We must make the most of that good and add as much as we can to it. America is resilient. America is remembering. America will not forget.

This night had a bit of it all. I got to see growing artists, meet some amazing friends (for the first time and in person!), feel the energy of the city, and also feel the magnitude of its perspective. It was all as real as it gets.

Much Love, Quinn

Find Megan & Liz online:

  • Instagram: @meganandliz @meganmace @stella218
  • Twitter: @meganandliz @meganmace @lizmace
  • YouTube: MeganandLiz, LifeOfMeganandLiz

Find Roxiny online:

  • Instagram: @roxinyofficial
  • Twitter: @RoxinyOfficial
  • YouTube: Roxiny TV


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