Behind the Scenes of a Music Video


The band’s current lineup; it’s changed a bit since the video was done.

Earlier this year in April, I got the chance to go behind the scenes of a music video shoot for my boyfriend’s band, Until We Get Caught. The video for “Burn for Me” had a fantastic turnout thanks to Blackwolf Imaging, and you can check it out here! But before all of that came to fruition, I did a bit of documenting on the process and some of the things that went into making the video what it is now. This post will be mostly pictures and videos, but I hope it offers an insight about all the moving parts that go into the content we consume each day. Now that the video is release, I’m so excited to share! Enjoy!

My band man.

The video was shot at an abandoned warehouse somewhere in northern New Jersey. We had stayed with one of Chris’s bandmates at his place in Staten Island the night before, and the following afternoon was devoted to solely the video shoot. It took hours, takes upon takes, and the rest of the daylight the day had to offer.

They used fire machines in order to capture the essence of the song. The reflections in the windows caught my attention.


There were so many takes that the guys had to do! I learned that this was to ensure that there were multiple selections for angles/shots to use as options for the final product. There were quite a few backdrops behind the band for these takes.

Of course, I took some video. The band played/sang/screamed to the recorded track, as the warehouse didn’t have the capability to power their real setup. It makes total sense, but I hadn’t really thought about it until being there.

*Warning: This video contains rapidly flashing lights which could pose an issue for people with epilepsy*

Side note: the warehouse had these really neat trolley cars that were just sitting inside. I took the opportunity to check them out and get some fire reflections in the windows.

I took some extra pictures of Chris in action at the second backdrop they used, complete with professional lighting. The color scheme for the entire shoot was spot on.

Video from the second backdrop. You can really see how fast-paced the lighting was!

*Warning: This video contains rapidly flashing lights which could pose an issue for people with epilepsy*

There were some really cool pieces in the warehouse that I couldn’t help but notice. It certainly had character! I’m not really sure what this desk was once for, but it’s certainly staying put.


Last but not least, they set the mannequin on fire to really bring the point home. There was one mannequin on hand, so this was a one-take-only kind of thing. Luckily, as you can see in the finished product, it was a success! Here’s a little before and after of the fire ablaze and then being put out.

There is always time for a music video set photo shoot, flames and all. This location couldn’t have been better for their theme.


All in all, I wish I took more pictures and videos, but there’s always next time. Seeing a creative vision come to life between the band and the director was so interesting to me, because I’m neither a musician nor a videographer. Creativity comes in so many forms, and they all deserve to be celebrated. I hope this gave you an alternative perspective into just how much goes into your favorite three-minute music videos. What takes three minutes for us to consume takes hours upon hours of work to create. It’s definitely some food for thought!

Much Love, Quinn

Thank you for reading today! You can catch new posts every Tuesday and Friday here on the Word Oasis blog, as well as additional content on my Instagram: @word.oasis. 

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