An Artist’s Vision

I think that, in a way, each artist has asked themselves: what’s your ideal?

I feel that your ideal is your perfect world. This doesn’t necessarily mean a utopia, though. In your perfect world, what is exposed? What is made right? What makes people feel? Who is around you? Who is not? With the limitless tools of creativity, you must create your own world, even within this very real one. Based on your experiences, perceptions, and world views, you cultivate a world and create your vision with every given creative venture.


What do you want to say? This is the second question that artists encounter in one way or another when it comes to their artist’s vision. This is the bigger picture of the art itself: the stories, the declarations, the political stances, and so much more. What you say with your art is what you see in your head. These are things you may never say aloud to another soul, but can be expressed in a creative manner.

This voice and vision are both so individualized to you. They link together seamlessly to create these pieces of art that last through many lifetimes. You have essentially any audience possible, so take your vision and create how you see it with your voice.

I’m not going to lie, this creative vision business can get messy. With that audience comes inevitable resistance. It’s like if the art is a pair of glasses. You see the vision clearly because the glasses are suited to your prescription, but it won’t be so clear for everyone. It may as well be perfectly clear for you if anyone, so stand by your vision for your art.


Now, this may go without saying, but I want to put it out there: there will always be pieces of all of our creative visions that will be ours alone. Not everything we imagine can translate into the art. It can come very close, but it’s never quite exact. We can see this as a frustration, or we can see it as a piece of our ideas becoming sacred for us to hold onto. It’s a bit of magic if you think of it that way.

The point of this casual little guide is to stick to your vision— that thing you can’t get out of your head, what you keep coming back to like a homeland. Set your course on that path and all the pieces will click no matter the outcome with an audience.


Much Love, Quinn

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