Lights Out 2020.

Last year, I did a little something called the Get Honest Project. It was all about full disclosure and telling more of my story. I was tired of portraying my life as one-dimensional and polished at all times online. Getting honest last year was a big part of healing and moving on from past chapters. But life goes on, and growth goes on with it. I see this year as being pivotal, and this is my first major step toward that.

It’s lights out 2020.

What does lights out mean? Well, if last year was about getting honest with other people, this year is about getting super honest with myself. The title of this new project is inspired by those moments at night when I just can’t fall asleep. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness, but sleep still won’t come and my mind reels. That’s when I feel most connected to my own mind, my spirit, and my creativity. In the dark and the quiet, that’s when I can be completely honest without any sort of spotlight shining on me. I don’t have to be anything. No more masks. No more fronts. Reputation out the window.

It’s lights out 2020.

I’m entering a season of just wanting to think for myself. This project begins that season and also begins a dialogue on this website about what it means to grow as a person. I want to tune in to who I am underneath it all, why we all do what we do, and why we all are who we are. Last year was storytelling. This year is looking inward. Release. Exhale. Lean in. Accept.

Lights out.

Much Love, Quinn

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