Starting Anew.

There’s something to be said for starting anew. It can look completely different every time. You can choose to embark on its journey for any imaginable reason. It holds power within our choices and inner workings of our mindsets. And it can happen at any time. That’s the beauty, fragility, and fleetingness of starting anew all at the same time.

Our histories entangle us, don’t they? From so many angles, we’re caught in the web of past moments. Is it worth trying to untangle such fine threads for a non-guaranteed ending to the new start? Perhaps we don’t need to cast the past away completely. Perhaps some tangles are safe to reside in while we sift through others. We all need a place to return to in moments that we know nowhere else to go.

It’s not always the right time, but once it is, we can tend to put it off. The rest we need to prepare for starting anew can be bittersweet, but it’s settling, and to step away from that semi-weightlessness is uncomfortable. But it, too, can be sweet, when we consider that we’re also stepping away from what made us tired in the first place.

In a time of starting anew, what do we need? Well, here I am in that very position. I am of the philosophy that you don’t need to wait for a new year to start anew, but a fresh calendar and new cycle of months doesn’t hurt. Each year, I put together a list of goals that I’d like to put a good dent in by December. A lot of the goals on my list for 2021 are recycled from 2020, as last year didn’t leave much room for them. Nonetheless, I’m happy with them, and I’m excited to start anew this January. They encompass quite a range of focal points, from professional growth, to taking better care of myself and my resources, to broadening my knowledge base.

When I completed my list and took a good look at it, I saw that many of my goals pertain to my creativity, actually. There is clearly a pull in my soul to get back to my creativity. To start anew in a return. Have you ever experienced something like that? Over the past few years, I feel like I’ve lost pieces of myself in a lot of different ways. There were a lot of influences in that timeframe that, in latching onto, I left myself behind. Now that those people and things are happily no longer in my life, I am rediscovering myself and all the things I once set to the side. One of those is my writing.

As I reflect on those past influences, which I think I’m going to discuss in greater detail in the future, I consider the reliance I had on pouring myself into them and how disruptive that was to me at my core. I changed a lot about myself to fulfill that reliance on specific people or ideas, and I realize now that when someone or something positive enters your life, it doesn’t chip away at you. It adds to you and changes you for the better, but it doesn’t take away pieces of who you are. I abandoned my own creativity for these influences, because I had to make myself smaller for them in order to satisfy them. And creativity only expands. I’m ready to welcome it back into my life full-force.

A lot of times when I’m starting anew, I’m shocked to find how cyclical it is. In coming back to creativity, something once familiar, I’m literally going to be creating so many new things both literally and figuratively. My creativity has had such an ebb and flow over time, and this dry spell of inspiration has been long. But it is leading to the most beautiful rain of creativity as I let go of reliance and start anew.

Some of the creative projects I find myself thinking about as I dive back in are older ideas that I’m finally acting upon and reimagining, while others are entirely new, and I’m full of anticipation to see how they will all pan out. I hope I get to share some of these projects with you one day soon, but they may not all come to fruition in the end, and that’s okay. I’m ready to try and dwell in creativity. I’m ready to live my inspiration again, in the very spirit of Word Oasis.

I’m admittedly a fan of the word of the year trend, and for starting anew in 2021, I picked “cultivate.” I’m dedicating this year to putting in work that matters to me in the direction of furthering my goals, and taking the small steps to cultivate beautiful results later. However, when I think of cultivation, I can’t help but think of gardening. There are a lot of small, and often mundane steps that amount to producing blooms or a harvest. From seeds, to weeds, to watering, it requires one thing above all else: consistency.

Cultivation requires consistency, so that is the perspective I’m taking with me into this year with all my goals, and creativity is no exception. I’m going to cultivate those creative works with consistent efforts toward them. That’s the only way, and I’m excited that that’s the only way. It’s complicated and simple, sweet yet bitter at the same time, and that is entirely okay with me.

A garden is for togetherness.

For Word Oasis, I’m starting anew here, as well. You can expect new posts on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST and Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. EST. I’m committing to regular, quality content focused on personal growth based in creativity. I really hope you might stick around and see if something piques your interest. I’d love to have you in this space!

I’m starting anew, and in doing so, I’m coming back to what I’ve always known.

Much Love,


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