Welcome Back: So Much Has Changed

It’s surreal, how quickly life moves. I feel like I just need to take a deep breath as I look back on the last several months. I want to use this post as a space to catch up and just get settled back into writing here. I have to say, I’m second guessing just about everything I’m typing, and it’s not exactly flowing freely. I’m certainly rusty, but being here and giving this another go is important to me. So, here goes.

Since March, I’ve gotten a new job and moved to a different part of the state with my boyfriend. It’s only two things when I write it out, but they have been such big adjustments. My job has a pretty steep learning curve, and it has taken a lot of my energy despite it still being a rewarding experience. Moving, as always, was a massive undertaking. The previous two times I’ve moved out of my parents’ house, I was moving into a fully furnished place. That wasn’t the case this time; we had an empty apartment and not a whole lot of furniture for awhile. But slowly, it’s been filling up and we’re making the most out of our time here. One thing that’s been really lovely is seeing how our relationship has grown deeper since sharing a space. I must say, though, that having to coordinate schedules to see people I used to see every day is pretty wild, but change is a natural part of life. I’ve found ways to adapt and grow stronger (even when I was absolutely positive I couldn’t), because change is also hard, even when inherently beautiful. It’s not often we feel only one emotion toward something, and that is unbelievably okay.

Those are the big things, the massive changes that quite literally made my life look completely different. Am I happy with my decisions? Definitely! Moments of transition are beyond stressful, but once you reach the other side, you’re reminded of why you embarked on that particular journey to begin with. We finally feel mostly settled in our new place, and I’m getting the hang of my new job. I look around and there isn’t an enormous task that needs to be done immediately, which is awfully refreshing. We can finally enjoy! Now is the time for that deep breath I mentioned before. For me, when I get a moment breathe deeply, that is when the ideas come to life. In the instances of nothing, of giving myself a blank canvas of a moment, that is when my mind leans creative again. And it’s about time.

It hasn’t just been the last few months; it’s been the last several years that my creative writing has stayed in the shallow end, if you will. The pieces I’ve worked on have been few and far between, and even if I liked them, I never had that consistent action toward creation that I craved. Those pieces didn’t get edited. I didn’t pursue anything long-form. I’ve been scared, and intimidated, and discouraged. My mind has felt muddled and off-kilter. It’s been awhile since I’ve really felt like me. But even though I haven’t been writing (though I wish I did), I’ve been healing. I’ve been recovering from the heartbreaks that were the backbone of my youth, and now? I think I’m ready to explore them. Wholeheartedly. I’m ready to tell stories. I’m stronger now, and that creative spirit, though stifled, never left.

I tell you all of this to say that Word Oasis is a part of that vision, a part of that joy I’m feeling in words on paper (or the screen) again. That stiff feeling of my fingers on the keyboard at the beginning of this post has already melted away, and I’m steadily clicking the words out like old dance steps that you never quite forget. Writing is what I’m meant to do, and that reinvigorated creative spirit is the biggest change to date. I can’t wait to share more with you.

The plan is for posts to be coming to you on Sundays at 10 AM EST and Wednesdays at 7 PM EST. I’ll see you on Sunday!

Much Love, Quinn

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