7 Villainous Sins: What’s in a Villain?

In the dead of night, in the eerie castle, on the treacherous mountain, often wrapped in a cloud of ominous mist, we find the villain of our story.

But which story are we telling? How did we get here? And what is coming next?

Perhaps none of that matters, not immediately anyway. Because if we look closely at who a villain is in their version of the present, we see that there are aspects of who they’ve become that shape their wicked ways.

They come in many present-day iterations. They lurk in the crevices of our minds and haunt us when night has a vice-grip on our side of the world. They even bubble to the surface against all of our better judgement. Yes, the 7 Deadly Sins have not run their course. They haven’t expired; they’re not outdated.

They exist in each of us, in each villain, and in the mirror image of the two. A magic mirror, if you will. And they won’t hesitate to consume our lives and our hero status at a moment’s notice.

Halloween yields answers that perhaps we’ve all been craving. Are we that unlike the villains we’re meant to fear? And which deadly sin is the most lethal?

Disney offers us an array of villains to peruse, and their timeline begs the question: have villains really changed over time? No, not particularly. Much like the 7 Deadly Sins. Much like human nature. But don’t take my word for it. Let me tell you the stories of 7 Deadly Sins through the lens of the Disney villains.

In the words of Maleficent, “Listen well, all of you,” and welcome to the world of the 7 Villainous Sins.


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