Hi, I’m Quinn!

I’m creator, writer, editor, and photographer (amongst other things) here at Word Oasis.

Oscar Wilde once noted that, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” Such is the case with this blog’s journey. As adults, if we want to immerse ourselves into the arts, it takes a mighty effort. These days, the arts are under-supported in just about every facet, and we’re feeling it. In this corner of the internet, at the very least, I want to make it easier to delve into different popular arts with an introspective edge.

What can I say? I’ve loved writing since I first learned how to string words together, so much that I went on to get two degrees in it and want to continue pursuing this passion for where language and creativity intersect. Words make me feel at home within my own life and help me keep volumes of tales from the past that may otherwise have been lost. That will always be worthwhile in my book.

Word Oasis is an outlet to make sense of the world through a creative lens, to explore the arts in a way that reflects our own experiences. I’ve long since felt the life drained out of me a little bit as adulthood frames the arts as impractical, but I’m ready to indulge in them again full force regardless. Maybe you’ve been feeling the same way. I invite you to join me each Wednesday at 8 pm EST!

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