Hi! I’m Quinn.

I’m a writer from Connecticut. I created Word Oasis to share my life and ideas on a small sale, which has grown into developing a conversation on the importance of creativity and the arts in our society. I also love diving into personal development, opinion pieces, and reviews about some of the things that make life so sweet: concerts, music, and books.

It really is a mix of topics here, but I hope you’ll find one or two that pique your interest and that the accompanying posts will add something of value to your life. As you explore, I would love to hear your comments, which you can add at the bottom of any post or using the contact tab.

Aside from all of that, what else should I tell you straight away? Well, I am a doting cat mom to Misty, I’m an avid Red Sox fan, and I also really enjoy practicing yoga. I adore my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. Mostly, though, I’m just stumbling through life trying to make sense of it all just like anyone else. I suppose this is my narration of that.I’m thrilled that you’ve stopped by here, and I hope you’ll come again. You’re always welcome here!

Much Love, Quinn

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