Hello! My name is Quinn, and Word Oasis is my growing passion project. I don’t quite remember why I selected the name Word Oasis, but it stuck and I love how it seems to fit into each season of my life perfectly. Take it as you will and as you like. For me, it reflects that special place I go to in my mind when I’m working with words. To be honest, it’s probably my favorite place of all. 

I want this blog to be a space for expression. It‘s evolved into a place to foster creativity in the day-to-day. As a creative writer myself, I know how much creativity constantly enhances my life, and I want to encourage others to experience their version of it. I also mix in some opinion pieces here and lifestyle pieces there, but the heart of Word Oasis is the creative process. Along the way, I’ll be sharing a look into my latest writing projects and publishing a few of my own pieces here. I don’t want to only talk about the conceptual side of creativity, I want you to show you my product of it, too. No matter the subject of the posts, though, you can expect full transparency here. Honesty is the core of my version of inspiration. Live your inspiration.

This is me. Hi!

I’ll share a little bit about me here, I suppose. I write because it’s my passion. I write a little bit of everything, from creative nonfiction to poetry to fiction (mystery is my favorite!). I’m currently enrolled in an online MA program for English, and I’m working to implement writing in a professional context into my day job. I adore yoga and it’s really transformed my life. A cozy afternoon of reading is one of my favorite ways to spend time (especially in the winter as it gets pretty cold up here in New England). Most importantly, though, I’m such a cat lady. Here is my sweet girl:

Meet Misty!

This is the meat and potatoes of Word Oasis, but I also post additional content online on my Facebook page and Instagram @word.oasis. I share some photo inspiration, chit-chat videos about creativity, and frequent updates. I also have a YouTube channel with a couple of videos which I launched as a part of my Get Honest Project, but I’ll be reimagining it in the coming months. I’d love to have Word Oasis as a part of your feed online!

Last but certainly not least, I just want to welcome you here to this online space. We’ll learn, we’ll open up, and we’ll create here, and I can’t wait to see where this path leads. With all my heart: welcome. Here goes…

Much Love, Quinn