About + Welcome

Hello! My name is Quinn McAdam, and this is my growing project. I don’t quite remember why I selected the name Word Oasis, but it stuck and I love it in all it’s mixed meanings. Take it as you will and as you like. For me, it reflects that special place I go to when I’m working with words. It’s one of a kind.

I want this blog to be a space for nonfiction expression. It has a place for a multitude of things, from encouragement and life lessons I’ve learned to reviews and fitness. No matter the subject, though, you can expect full transparency here. It’s my version of inspiration. Live in inspiration.


A little bit about me. I write because it’s my calling from God. I write a little bit of everything, from creative nonfiction to poetry to fiction (mystery is my favorite!). I’m currently enrolled in a Master’s of English online program, and I’m working to implement writing into my day job. I adore yoga and go to classes a couple times per week. Most importantly, though, I’m such a cat lady. Here is my sweet girl:

Meet Misty!

I just want to welcome you here to this online space. We’ll learn, we’ll open up, and we’ll create here, and I can’t wait to see where this path leads. With all my heart: welcome. Here goes…

Much Love, Quinn