Going in Afraid

It freaks me out, if I'm honest. Staring at a blank page knowing I have to turn it into something is slightly terrifying. But I have to write. There is just no choice in the matter. There is something in my mind that just takes to words so strongly, and craves to construct them in … Continue reading Going in Afraid

The Get Honest Project: The Root of the Intimidation

When I was ten years old, I went to Six Flags and desperately wanted to ride one of the big roller coasters. I measured myself against one of the height charts outside of the ride, and got assurance from my parents that I was just tall enough to go. However, the attendant working the height … Continue reading The Get Honest Project: The Root of the Intimidation


I learned a lot as a gymnast. There are life lessons packed right into the sport: time management, teamwork, commitment. But one that is the most vivid in my mind is the lesson of consistency and how integral it is to real, total success. There was one year I was really on a roll when … Continue reading Consistency