Writer’s Oasis: My Not-So-Secret Weapon

While I was doing my undergrad, I got some of the best writing advice I'll ever receive. I took several creative writing classes, and each professor gave feedback that has helped me grow. However, my fiction professor offered a bit of guidance that has stuck with me every time I've held a pen in my … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: My Not-So-Secret Weapon

Writer’s Oasis: Topic // Wordsmiths

Blacksmiths. Shoe smiths. Wordsmiths? I first heard that term in my undergrad senior seminar. My professor put it so eloquently that I wouldn’t do it justice in a recreation, but that one word really stuck with me. Wordsmith. We cultivate words to create something beautiful. We’re experts in wordcraft, composing exposition just so that it … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: Topic // Wordsmiths

Writer’s Oasis: The Official Caspertown Reboot

A little over three years ago, I embarked upon the greatest and most complicated journey of my life: writing my first novel, Caspertown. Ever since I was very young, I've dreamed of writing a book that would make a difference on the shelves of people all over the world. Granted, I didn't think it would … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: The Official Caspertown Reboot