Culture Critique: Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday. A day right on the heels of Thanksgiving that promotes our need want for more than what we already have. Oh, and you can get the lowest prices of the entire season, so that validates the gratitude we expressed the day before because, I mean, it's on sale. On top of that, … Continue reading Culture Critique: Black Friday

What’s Going On? Fall 2019

The "What's Going on?" series is my way of bridging the gap between my personal life and the Word Oasis blog. I want to share not only my ideas, but who I am. I update seasonally on what I'm up to, struggles I'm facing, and successes I've had. It's a depiction of life. Since my … Continue reading What’s Going On? Fall 2019

Writer’s Oasis: Making the Most of a Moment

"Forever is composed of nows." ~ Emily Dickinson It's true, isn't it? Our lives aren't made up of long stretches of time that just keep expanding, but rather they are built upon fleeting moments that are over almost as soon as they begin. As a writer, I've learned to live for these small moments that … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: Making the Most of a Moment