Culture Critique: All About Image

Superficial: external or outward; shallow, not profound or thorough; apparent rather than real. *In the spirit of this post, please enjoy accompanying images I've taken that were never meant to end up on the Internet* I'm guilty of it on my own Instagram: I love creating an aesthetic in how my feed looks. This goes … Continue reading Culture Critique: All About Image

Let’s Talk Mental Health

*I certainly feel the need to state within this post that I am not a mental health or healthcare professional, and can not offer you the best advice in your next steps. However, there are so many people out there who can! I simply want to share my personal story on this subject and how … Continue reading Let’s Talk Mental Health

Concert Review: Against the Current

This post turned out to be somewhat of a day blog/review fusion, so I've placed headings at the top of each section so you can get the gist of where to find certain topics. As always, I hope you find a takeaway today! Date: April 17, 2019     |     Location: New York … Continue reading Concert Review: Against the Current

The Get Honest Project: Unfinished Business

I was sitting in my room watching this past NCAA Gymnastics Championship when it hit me: so many of the seniors got a sendoff as they were exiting their time as an athlete in the sport. They were able to prepare themselves for the end. They were celebrated and hugged and got to stand on … Continue reading The Get Honest Project: Unfinished Business

The Get Honest Project: Recognizing My Flaws

If you're not completely familiar with me and who I am, then you may not know that I was once a competitive gymnast. Gymnastics was my life, and I truly did love the sport. However, it brought out a side in me that I've been trying to combat ever since: that of a perfectionist. On … Continue reading The Get Honest Project: Recognizing My Flaws