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Healing Part III: Return

Just like that, it’s been two months since I’ve blogged, but I haven’t given up on this series. I would like to say that I’ve spent these months surrounding myself with rediscovery, trying new things, and overall becoming a better version of myself in spite of all that’s happened. But that’s not true, and I…

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It’s Not a Race

You know, there’s a societal mentality these days that says, “If you don’t do it first, it doesn’t really matter”. That’s just messed up, isn’t it? Considering we all go at our own pace, I would certainly say it is. There’s this need for constant neck-and-neck competition, either for the “glory” of winning or pure…

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Don’t Rush It | Feel the Now

I’ve been guilty of saying it. And, you know, I’ve said it quite often as of late. It’s that fickle statement that has a way of getting under our skin, and yet stays there there with no objection from us whatsoever. “I wish we could just fast forward a few years when…”  Yup. That’s quite the…

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