My Goals for 2020

Goals, resolutions, intentions. These days are so saturated with all sorts of synonyms for one thing: making ourselves better. The turn of the year is a great time to reflect on the last 365 days and refocus on what matters to us most. I know some people aren't a fan of this sort of thing, … Continue reading My Goals for 2020

Renewed Conversations: Consistency + Caspertown

Introducing "Renewed Conversations"! This is a new type of post in which I revisit old blog posts and craft new ones to show how I've grown in these subjects over the past however long it's been. The first one is going to be a brand-new, in-depth conversation about consistency paired with some updates about my … Continue reading Renewed Conversations: Consistency + Caspertown

Writer’s Oasis: The Official Caspertown Reboot

A little over three years ago, I embarked upon the greatest and most complicated journey of my life: writing my first novel, Caspertown. Ever since I was very young, I've dreamed of writing a book that would make a difference on the shelves of people all over the world. Granted, I didn't think it would … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: The Official Caspertown Reboot