A Nod to Tradition

We all have our idea of what tradition is. Maybe it's something you celebrate, or something you resist, or something you simply acknowledge. I think whatever your perspective of tradition is like, though, we can all agree that there are aspects of it that we should strive for even now. Let's break it down in … Continue reading A Nod to Tradition


I learned a lot as a gymnast. There are life lessons packed right into the sport: time management, teamwork, commitment. But one that is the most vivid in my mind is the lesson of consistency and how integral it is to real, total success. There was one year I was really on a roll when … Continue reading Consistency

Book Talk: Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

Here, I'm doing my first book review in awhile! I've been reading a lot of books of this genre lately and wanted to dive in, so here goes. I hope to make these a more regular posting subject on Word Oasis; stay tuned 🙂