What’s Going On? Fall 2019

The "What's Going on?" series is my way of bridging the gap between my personal life and the Word Oasis blog. I want to share not only my ideas, but who I am. I update seasonally on what I'm up to, struggles I'm facing, and successes I've had. It's a depiction of life. Since my … Continue reading What’s Going On? Fall 2019

In My Element

I've recently been in a season of life when everything just seems to flow. After a few months of start and stop roadblocks in different areas of life, it's so refreshing. The term breakthrough seems perfectly appropriate. It's as though all the cogs and gears are moving in unison, and that my life is infused … Continue reading In My Element

Quick Thought: True Peace

In my "What's Going On?" post for Summer, I talked about the fact that I am still working through some tough emotions. When you go through a loss of any kind, be it a nasty breakup, the death of a loved one, or even a changing era in the scheme of your life, it's hard … Continue reading Quick Thought: True Peace

What’s Going On? Summer 2018

It's crazy to think of all that has been jam-packed into the last thirty-or-so days, but here I am on the other side of it. Although 95% of what's happened in the last month has been exciting and positive, it hasn't been without its share of struggles. So let's dig into those, too. I realize … Continue reading What’s Going On? Summer 2018