Renewed Conversations: Consistency + Caspertown

Introducing "Renewed Conversations"! This is a new type of post in which I revisit old blog posts and craft new ones to show how I've grown in these subjects over the past however long it's been. The first one is going to be a brand-new, in-depth conversation about consistency paired with some updates about my … Continue reading Renewed Conversations: Consistency + Caspertown

Travel Oasis: Wyoming

If you know anything about me, then the title of this post may surprise you. Long story short, my sister graduated from high school this year and got to pick a family trip. Thus, my parents, sister, aunts, and I packed up and headed out to the Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Laramie, Wyoming during … Continue reading Travel Oasis: Wyoming

I. Reframing My Mindset: Reading Can Be Bad

Picture this: a beautiful painting is hanging on a wall. The colors are just right and the scene is idyllic. It's an eye-catcher as soon as you walk into the room. But the frame is all wrong. It's too bulky and cumbersome. It weighs the painting down and overshadows its beauty. In order to maximize … Continue reading I. Reframing My Mindset: Reading Can Be Bad

Travel Oasis: Riviera Maya 2018

Last year, my mom asked me where I would like to go for a trip after my college graduation. How do you choose with the whole world to pick from? After plenty of recommendations and discussions with a travel agent (who actually knows what they're doing), I chose Riviera Maya, Mexico. It sounded perfect; there … Continue reading Travel Oasis: Riviera Maya 2018

Writer’s Oasis: Making the Most of a Moment

"Forever is composed of nows." ~ Emily Dickinson It's true, isn't it? Our lives aren't made up of long stretches of time that just keep expanding, but rather they are built upon fleeting moments that are over almost as soon as they begin. As a writer, I've learned to live for these small moments that … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: Making the Most of a Moment