The Get Honest Project: Rediscovering My Voice

I've shied away from this calling for too long. Since I was a child, I've been drawn to the way language can create other worlds, how it transmits untold messages, and how it can become most anything at all. It's moldable and fluid. It was the hiding place I used to run to when other … Continue reading The Get Honest Project: Rediscovering My Voice

Writer’s Oasis: My Not-So-Secret Weapon

While I was doing my undergrad, I got some of the best writing advice I'll ever receive. I took several creative writing classes, and each professor gave feedback that has helped me grow. However, my fiction professor offered a bit of guidance that has stuck with me every time I've held a pen in my … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: My Not-So-Secret Weapon

Writer’s Oasis: Topic // Wordsmiths

Blacksmiths. Shoe smiths. Wordsmiths? I first heard that term in my undergrad senior seminar. My professor put it so eloquently that I wouldn’t do it justice in a recreation, but that one word really stuck with me. Wordsmith. We cultivate words to create something beautiful. We’re experts in wordcraft, composing exposition just so that it … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: Topic // Wordsmiths

Writer’s Oasis: Starting Again

In my last post, I mentioned a special connection I have with my grandmother, who passed away when I was three. I didn't know her for long, but I feel that I'm carrying on her legacy in the sense that she, too, loved creative writing. There's no one else in my family that I know … Continue reading Writer’s Oasis: Starting Again

Healing Part II: Emily Dickinson and Sea Turtles

This healing process has doubled as a learning process. I'm still sifting through it, but I'm getting there. More (genuine) smiles and less tears have been happening, so progress is evident. I've made it a point to create time for myself among all of the chaos, due to great advice from a couple of wonderful … Continue reading Healing Part II: Emily Dickinson and Sea Turtles