Tough Conversations

There are some conversations in life that none of us want to have: that breakup, leaving that job, or simply telling someone a truth they won't want to hear. It can be easy to suddenly lose the words you'd prepared for hours before, rendering you silent and debating as to whether or not say anything … Continue reading Tough Conversations

Falling in Love with Fitness: February

Ah, fitness. Where am I at? What am I trying? What's working? What's not? Check out the start of this new series where I begin again.

Taking Risks 2019

This post has been a long time coming, and of course, as I've written it's become something totally different than I'd originally imagined. And I'm excited about that. The unknown hasn't been looking so scary lately; in fact, it's been looking like somewhere I want to be more often. After all, they say that there's … Continue reading Taking Risks 2019

III. The Greatest Investment

I wish I could say that I was a wiz when it comes to money, along with any and all financial decisions. The truth is, I'm still working all of that out, but I do know a thing or two about what it means to invest in something. Now, granted, I've never invested a large … Continue reading III. The Greatest Investment

II. How I’m Cutting Down on Wasted Time

This happens to all of us: you're sitting in a comfortable chair, on your phone, and then some kind of YouTube or social media vortex draws you in and when you look up, it's suddenly been three hours and it's dark outside. Yeah... not the best way to spend our time, is it? I know … Continue reading II. How I’m Cutting Down on Wasted Time