Falling in Love with Fitness: March/April 2019

Well, these two months didn't quite go as planned...such is life, right? But even so, I think I accomplished a lot in these two months when it comes to my fitness journey, mostly in regard to learning what won't work for me. I think that it's super important to find the value in the "failure", … Continue reading Falling in Love with Fitness: March/April 2019

Taking Risks 2019

This post has been a long time coming, and of course, as I've written it's become something totally different than I'd originally imagined. And I'm excited about that. The unknown hasn't been looking so scary lately; in fact, it's been looking like somewhere I want to be more often. After all, they say that there's … Continue reading Taking Risks 2019

II. How I’m Cutting Down on Wasted Time

This happens to all of us: you're sitting in a comfortable chair, on your phone, and then some kind of YouTube or social media vortex draws you in and when you look up, it's suddenly been three hours and it's dark outside. Yeah... not the best way to spend our time, is it? I know … Continue reading II. How I’m Cutting Down on Wasted Time

Belonging & Callings

Sometimes it can be hard to feel like we belong to anything at all, and wonder what the greater purpose is for our lives. When put in the context of this world, these are constant struggles. However, in the context of God, things become a lot more consistent and clear.