Travel Oasis: Québec City

A few months ago, my mom and sister came to me with a proposition: the three of us going to Québec City with my sister’s school. They had a few extra slots, and my sister’s French teacher had offered them to my mom and I as chaperones. Normally, I would’ve thought about it for a while, but this time I instantly said yes. Ever since going to Mexico last year, I’ve been craving more travel and to see more of this world. There is so much out there, friends.

So, fast forward a few months later and off we went! The bus ride was long, but I chilled out with some podcasts and settled in for the ten hours. Soon enough, we crossed the border into Canada and made it up to Québec City.

Day 1

Bonjour, indeed!

We picked up our tour guide for the next four days, and then we were quickly off to dog sledding!

My mom and I partnered up while my sister tagged along with a friend
Future sled dogs of Canada

Next, a traditional French-Canadian meal!

Pea soup and fresh bread

We took a crash course in homemade maple syrup (reminiscent of our own family tradition).

We got fresh maple candy on snow

Day 2

Day 2 began with fresh croissants and hot chocolate at Cochon Dingue…

img_6839 img_6843
They were more like bowls than mugs but we didn’t mind at all!

…and continued with a walking tour of the city!

There were incredible ice sculptures all around the city
Local mural
From the top of the hill
Every city has its own essence.

Next up was a well-deserved lunch followed by Winter Carnival!

Poutine is a must!
I hadn’t realized so much could be done with snow and ice…
Glass work catching the light just so

Night two picked up speed with a trip to the Ice Hotel and chapel, along with snow tubing (not pictured for obvious reasons!

img_6886 img_6890
Something stunning around every corner
Chapel alter

Outside view

Day 3

Day 3 began with breakfast at a local café, which had a familiar term on the menu.

Yes, I ordered the Oasis

We continued on with a trip to the Basilica of St.-Anne-de-Beaupré.

From the outside
Inside the cathedral
La Pietà
The iconic copper doors

Next up was the local wood carving shop and Chez Marie for some homemade maple butter and bread!

Wooden mosaic of legends
Welcomed with open arms

We made it to Montmorency Falls for a spectacular view!

Side view
Looking straight down
View from the bridge

After spending some down time in the local mall, we headed to Observatoire de la Capitale for some history and yet another stunner of a view at sunset.

To be honest, I love heights because you can see so much more…

We completed our day with some local free time and dinner!

img_7005 img_7006

Day 4

Our fourth and final day began with some tobogganing and final down time before the long bus ride home.

The trip up
The trip down
After we returned to Cochon Dingue for lunch, we took the Funicular back up

And on the way home, more blog familiarity 🌸


Overall, this trip emphasized two things for me. The first was, just like in Mexico, I need to continue my pursuit of learning other languages. As a writer, I crave communication with as many people as possible, and there is so much beyond the realm of the English language. I want to start with continuing on my foundations of Spanish and French that I’ve learned over the years. The possibilities literally become endless the more you know how to speak and converse with other people. And the best way to fully learn a language? Immerse yourself in a place where it originates. On that note…

This trip just showed me how much I’ve caught the travel bug. This world is far too vast and lovely to stay in your own little corner of it. I’ve played it safe for too long, and now I’m just ready to explore. When more of these spontaneous travel opportunities arise, I might just take them. Who knows where and what I’ll see in the months and years to come, but I’m very excited to find out.

Much Love, Quinn


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