Escape Room

We all need an escape sometimes. We just need to get out of the everyday places of our lives and just have that place where we can go to feel the beauty of solitude. I’ve recently found my place; I’m not going to tell you what it is, though, so don’t get your hopes up. That’s my secret to keep. However, one phrase that has been in my mind quite a bit is: we need to find more places in our lives to escape to, not places to escape from. Isn’t that the truth?

img_4386The path in…

All that to say that my type of escape room is different than what you may be thinking of. My escape room is different in every sense of the phrase. It’s open and free. It’s mind-clearing and relaxing. It’s inspiring and as though time does not exist. Why don’t we have more escape rooms like that?


A flower in my favorite color to greet me

img_4760-1This little guy was very patient with me taking pictures

I love to sit down on my outdoor blanket and just write. I love to go on the swings and realign myself with my childhood. That time is mine, and it’s a time to simply connect with myself, the world around me, and some of the greatest peace I’ve ever felt. Do you have an escape room?

img_4763Can you tell I like bright colors?

img_4750Just lay back and watch the sky

This life has become so much about online presence instead of true connection. Let’s spin that around and rephrase the current captions of our lives. Who says it’s scary to be alone? Sometimes it’s just what we need. Along with that, when we do connect, it’s with other people, but what about truly connecting with ourselves in solitude and introspection?

img_4742Flying free… I’m feeling freer than I have in awhile

img_4746Expansive skyline that makes you feel small in the best way

I have an escape room. But it’s a place I escape to, not a place I escape from. It’s mine and it’s beautiful. What’s yours?

img_4745…the path out.



Throwback from a nearby excursion from March


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